fresh installation

hi there,

i'm a new kid on the block and need urgent advise.

i have resolume arena 6 which i want to control with APC20 (with template APC40) running on windows 8.1

for weeks i'm trying to get it work but as i am new with this i can see the forest from the trees.

please advise to a desperate vj

Hi Francis. I’m sure there are users out there that have this combination. Have you searched previous posts? Indeed I believe the APc20 commands are a subset of the APC40 (MK1). Make sure you are not useing the APC40 MK2 template as the MIDI assigned to buttons and knobs of the APC40 MK2 are quite different than the original,

Maybe you can be a bit more specific on where you are. Have you been able to do ANYTHING with Resolume? Lets first see if you have it set up to see any basic MIDI messages. Can you share your project file and what you have tried so I can get a baseline where you are?

I have an evaluation copy of Resolume Arena (5 I believe) loaded on my Windows machine so I might be of help if you need. However, we need to get a baseline of where you are and tackle one issue at a time.

  1. Is Resolume set to so that it can receive any MIDI from the controller
  2. Start with each knob/function at a time to either use MIDI learn or set up MT Pro so it can handle that knob MIDI output. I usually start with either master volume or Channel 1 volume fader
  3. If LED feedback is required determine whether you will be able to handle that feedback from Resolume or wheether MT Pro will have to manually provide feedback back to the controller.



I suggest also you check with the Resolume software manufacture or any user forums they have to see if you can find someone else that has already been down this path.


Steve Caldwell

Bome Q&A Moderator and

Independent Bome Programming Consultant/Specialist