Generic USB Device to MIDI input


I want to apologize in advance for this newbie question… Since my APC40 is working like a charm I’ve made myself an Arcade Style Generic USB device. It already works as a generic USB device and I’ve managed to assign a single keystroke to a button using ‘Enjoyable for Mac’.

BUT I feel the functionality would be so much better when I could use it within Bome software. Maybe that’s already possible, but I’m such a newbie…

Some pictures attached.

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Kevin Velghe

Hi and welcome to the forum!

If your generic HID device is either of type keyboard or mouse, you can convert incoming keys or mouse actions to outgoing notes which your APC40 should be able to display. From your question it looks like it is a keyboard like device.


Incoming:Keystroke K Down
Outgoing:Note-On Note 53 on MIDI CH 1 with velocity 127

Incoming: Keystroke K Up
Outgoing: Note-On Note 53 on MIDI CH 1 with velocity qq

Pressing the button (assuming it sends key “K” will turn on the upper left LED (green). Releasing the button should turn it off.

Make sure you set your outgoing port on your project to your APC40

You can download a free trial copy of Bome MIDI Translator Pro here.
It is fully functional, however times out every 20 minutes so every 20 minutes you need to restart Bome MIDI Translator Pro.

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