Get CC values from device

I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to request current fader/ knob values from a controller. The use case is sending a "snapshot" of all fader values from a particular device to Cubase, rather than having to manually move each fader to record its value. (Imagine the case of setting mic levels for a Kontakt library and recording the CCs at the top of a track so it would be recallable.) The Peavey pc1600x actually had a function like this where you could send the current value of all the faders at once, and I'm trying to duplicate it with other hardware. I'm wondering if this can only be initiated on the device side, or if there's a way to request the value from the controller.


Most controllers do not support this capability, however you might be able to use Bome MIDI Translator to do this.

The way you would set it up is to continually monitor incoming fader positions from your controller and from your DAW with Bome MIDI Translator Pro. Then if there is a way for the DAW to request fader positions, have Bome MIDI Translator Pro send them all to the DAW. Or if the DAW does not have a way to request fader positions, set up some other incoming event as a trigger to do the same.

Most DAW's also have a "take-up" function so that any moving fader will not affect the DAW until the fader crosses over it's last known point? We can also emulate this fader in MT Pro if your DAW does not support this. I'm not sure whether Cubase does support this function or not.


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Wow - thanks for such a speedy reply!

That's actually a great idea - I could have MT monitor the incoming data from the controller and set up a command to send the last known value of the particular CCs from that MIDI port. I think I'll try that and see how it goes. Great idea, Steve!