Grandma 2 Bcf2000 Controller Fader Feedback


I am using your program to control grandma 2 with the bcf2000 controller. When I move the faders, than the faders in grandma 2 are moving. That works Correct And also the buttons ar working correct.

But I want that the faders also moving when I control it with Ma, so that i have midi feedback to the controller.

But I can’t get that to work, do you have a solution for that ? Also I want That i have Led feedback.

Can you please help


There are two choices.

1) Have MT Pro provided LED feedback when you move a knob. fader or push a button by sending the MIDI information back to your BCF2000. However moving a control on your GrandMA console will not provide LED feedback with this option, it would only work with local movement on your BCF2000 so I don\'t think this is what you want.

2) Program GrandMA to send MIDI information. There is a \"MIDINote\" command that you can send from GrandMA to do this or you can program the behavior in a LUA script. By default, GrandMA does not send MIDI feedback in response to MIDI you send it.

For option 1, I can help since it is done by MT Pro, however for option 2, you will need to either find someone in the GrandMA community who has scripted this or do it yourself.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist