How can you setup a MIDI cmd Out Order of Precedence???

I'm trying to map a controller to the VB3. A couple of the VB3 switches seem to require 2 MIDI commands sent in a particular order. (like turn percussion on, then select 2nd or 3rd) So.... if 2 translator Inputs are satisfied, how can you select which one sends it's output out first? I hope that makes sense.

So far, the VB3 panel rocker switches match exactly what I've setup in MT. However the sound doesn't match the VB3 window display. (bet I've confused everybody by now) Basically what you see setup in VB3's edit window, does not match what you're hearing. Like the percussion switches are on, but you hear no percussion. Using the mouse to click on the switches makes it all work. ( I'm asking here before I bug Guido the developer)

Hi, there are a few ways to handle this.

  1. Create multiple translators with the same incoming action. On outgoing action, set a delay for the second part, additional delay, etc. It is entirely possible to have multiple translators with the same incoming action for different outgoing messages.
  2. Use a single translator but instead of only one fixed MIDI message on output, but a longer series of raw MIDI messages. IE 90 00 7F 90 01 7F 90 02 7F will output MIDI note 0,1 and 2 with a velocity of 127 always in that order.

90 – 9(Note-On) 0 (MIDI CH1)

00 – Note 0

7F – Velocity 127 (7F Hex)


If you have further questions or still have problems, please post your project file and point to the example of which translators you are trying to get working and the specific input, output and order you want. I can show you on one translation and how I did it and then you should be able to reproduce if you want to do something similar for other incoming actions.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Thanks Steve, I’ll try the delay.

Only other thought I had was building a global var in Rules and sending it out each time. Eventually the right combination would go out and maaaaaybe….the VB3 would respond correctly. But adding the delay sounds like a sure thing. 🙂

OK, let me know how it works out or if you need any more help!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


Using MT’s Outgoing delay feature worked!! But, I had to figure out which order VB3 wanted the multiple CC#’s sent. I added 10ms of delay between the 2nd or 3rd CC#, and the percussion ON CC# (in MT\'s Outgoing) .

You might find this same problem with other *** controllers that try to use a one button to toggle thru more than 2 settings*** .

In VK-8M’s case, it has a single percussion select button used to toggle between On/Off/2nd/3rd. But VB3 has two rocker switches to do this, separate On/Off, and 2nd/3rd rocker switches.

I still have a few more buttons to complete, then I’ll post the file.

Sounds great. Thanks!