How To Manage Several 'Windows: Inject Event (Advanceed)


After successfully solved coding for my previous requirements, I need a solution for a new 'problem'.

To make it short: If having different 10 presets which outgoing shall be 10 different 'Windows: Inject Event (Advanced)' - how to automatically fire up ONLY the one that for which the window is active?

For example, if 'window 3' is open on the desktop, then moving the MIDI control fader shall only fire up 'preset 3'. etc.

That because I'll program 'Windows: Inject Event (Advanced)' for more than 100+ different windows. Kind off unnecessary to send out data for al 100 windows all the time, as I only need to control one by one.

It is possible at all?

Thank you in advance for a great support.




Thanks for your question! Bome MIDI Translator Pro is not \"applicaton or window aware\". There are a few possible approaches:


1) Use AutoHotKey (or some other app that is window aware )to send MIDI messages to MT Pro based on the active Window. MT Pro could then take these messages to set a global variable to which Window is active. Then MT Pro could use this information to only send the Windows inject event to that window.


2) If you always work with the controller to open and close Windows, track what you are doing in a global variable as described above.


For option 1 above, I could be available for paid programming services to set this up. I did something similar when I created MIDIBuddy (which tracks mouse clicks, movement and joystick activities).

Contact me via email if you want to discuss further.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist



I will definitely get back to you when I have all ‘schematics’ ready. Nothing complicated though.

Thank you.

OK, looking forward to hearing from you.