howto: main windows three-column panels alignment?


On the wide screen is very convenient to have panels vertically aligned. Currently, I detach log panel and split snip it to edge of desktop (half/half), but problem is that they are not independent windows and as main window de-focus, log window de-focus as well. Plus, proportion of log to main window might be 30/70 % and windows' default is 50/50%.

Is it possible to arrange them so, inside of MTP's GUI?



Not at this point without some sort of helper application. If you are on Windows, you might want to look into AutoHotkey as it can generally position windows if they have a unique name.

Here is an example:
; Activate the Log Window
WinActivate ,Log Window
; move it to location 300 x 5 y and set the size to 500 x 500
WinMove,Log Window,,300,5 ,500,500


Having the log window open, however does consume some resources so once your MT Pro application is developed it is really best to leave it closed.



So you want to re-arrange the window layout within MT Pro? So that it snaps into a defined user location within the app itself?


Steve Caldwell
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Thanks Steve for your reply.

Do I understand you correctly, that at this point of BMT development is not possible to have three-column layout?