If I update to 1.8.4 will my settings be remembered

Hi, I own Bome Midi translator pro if I update to 1.8.4 will it install over the previous version or as a separate program and will my settings be remembered ? Thanks in advance.


It should install over your previous version with your settings. Don’t worry.


If you do a normal installation (overwriting the previous version), your settings will be retained. The only exception is when you rename your application name (on macOS in your Applications folder, and on Windows the .exe file in C:\Program Files (x86)).

In such exceptional cases, you can import the old settings for the location of the .btms (settings file). On Mac, this file is located in this folder in your Home folder: ~/Library/Application Support/Bome/. On Windows, it’s %APPDATA%\Bome. MT Pro also keeps regular backup copies and if your setting are not as you remember, you can always import them from the latest file.

The import/export functions are within the preferences menu.

See attached screenshots from my Mac.