Ignore first press of CC until timer reset

Hi all/steve

how can I go about having bome not pass through the first press of a CCs ( say CC1 ) but passing all other presses until timer reset.

so first press of CC1 is ignored or swallowed

all other presses go through until timer reset

cycle starts over


thanks so much


Have the timer rules set a global variable. Then use that global variabl to determine whether to pass through the CC

So you would have a translator that has input CC1 on MIDI CH1 Any value set value to qq.

Rules would be

if ga==0 then exit rules, skip outgoing action

Output would be CC1 on MIDI CH1 value qq

Then another translator

Input Reset Timer

rules ga=1

You will need a translator to trigger the reset timer, but you didn't specify how you wanted to do that.


I hope this helps!

Steve Caldwell
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