Ignoring all incoming messages until further notice

Hello Steve !

Is there a way to tell a script to stop listening to any incoming message, and then to make it listen again ?

I know I could deactivate all my presets an reactivate them afterwards, but it’s quite clumsy, so I was wondering if there was another way.

To give a little bit of context, I’m getting information from an encoder which has a LED. At one point I make the led blink, by sending full value to the encoder, so I want to stop listening for the time I make the led blink.

My way of doing it is by deactivate all my presets and activate then after a while, but this is very clumsy.

Thank you for any advice.


Yes, see the below example.

The first preset when enabled will not allow any other presets further down the line to fire for any 1 byte, 2 byte and 3 byte messages. They have an outgoing action of “None” and a “Stop Processing” flag set.
However, in the beginning I added a single translator that enables me to disable the preset, with a note on Note 64 value 127 by putting this translator in front of the stop processing presets. The translator disactivates the parent preset, thereby disabling all of the “Stop Processing” directives.

The second preset has 3 translators that allow the MIDI bytes to flow through untouched, however you will likely have translators that do other things. At the beginning I put a translator with note on Note 64 value 127 that reactivates the first preset thereby allowing stop processing to happen again. So essentially, Note on Notes 64 value 127 becomes a toggle to disable and enable all 1,2 and 3 byte MIDI messages (but not SysEX).
You can add as many presets as you want and since there is stop processing in the first preset, the other ones down the line will not fire as long as preset 0 is active.

As I said, it will not prevent SysEX so you would need translators for those. However in a later version, there will be other directives that allow enabling and disabling of MIDI thru paths (routes) that would be able to handle all MIDI messages including SysEx as well. Right now you would need to add translators in preset 0 with incoming SysEX patterns and “Stop Processing” to suppress those.

The new version is in Beta now and I’m testing it.

Disable-MIDI-Example1-2021-04-11.bmtp (1.6 KB)

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You can also have translators with outgoing actions of start processing and stop processing depending on the state of a global variable, however this also will not effect any MIDI thru paths that are set. Again the next version of MT Pro will have a way to enable and disable thru routes.

Attached is an example

Disable-MIDI-Example2–2021-04-11.bmtp (1.2 KB)

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

This is exactly what I needed !

I forgot about the « stop processing after execution ». I hadn’t practice Midi translator for a while.

Thank you so much !

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