I'm confused by the new forum format

I've been confused as to where to enter Comments and Answers in the new forum several times, and have probably made it for others to follow the thread of a my forum postings.

I'm not sure when to make a comment, rather than an answer. This gets especially tough if there have been several back and forths, and more especially when there have been several responses or additional questions before making a new comment or answer. I'm not sure that the thread is then presented in chronological order - or maybe it is, and I haven't put in the effort to unravel the thread.

Can someone help with this?



Hi Gabriel,

I will share my experience but I am by no means an expert in the format of the web site. I will simply convey what I’ve seen and how I use it.

In general answers should be a solution but often, there is follow-up that happens as comments. Answers can have attachments and comments cannot so if there is an attachment, it has to be posted as an answer. YOu can vote for the answer or comment by hitting the up arrow to the left of the entry.

The original question stays on top and everything else seems to be in reverse chronological order.

The original post can (and should) mark as “Resolved” if indeed it did resolve the question. You can also mark an entry as a favorite by using the little heart icon to the left of the entry.

Unlike the original forum you can mark an entry as spam. I believe this is reviewed and moderated by one of the Bome Web site resources. You can also subscribe to a thread which will give you email notifications when there are updates, however I don’t seem to get anything for newly posted topics. I just go to the site periodically to see if there are any new postings. (As moderator, I subscribe to everything).

You can also use search function which will search not only the new Q&A but also the old forum. It also puts a bunch of google results at the top that you will usually want to scroll through to get to the local results.

I hope this helps





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