injected keystrokes for adobe lightroom

Hi, i try to control adobe lightroom via a software controler on my second monitor which is a touch screen. 

Everytime i touch the screen, lightroom is not the main application anymore, therefore i need injected keystrokes.

But injected keystrokes do not work. Is there an other solution or workaround? Thanks


If the application does not accept injected keystrokes (assuming of course your are on Window), then your only other choice would to use a third party application like AutoHotKey to continually monitor the current active application and if it is not active, re-activate it. Either that or don't touch the screen of find some way to disable touch screen.


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Thanks Steve,

at the moment I continue with the not so good option to fire first a mouse movement with left mouse click on the screen where lightroom is open to bring lightroom back as main application. After a time delay I fire the keystroke. It seems to work but does not satisfy me.

OK, it seems AUTOHOTKEY could be the right solution, now I found some explanation in the web how to prepare the script: AutoHotKey script - Always-on-top.ahk

Meanwhile I found out that my nvidia graphic driver supports the function to keep an \"application always on top\" (foreground). At the end it did not work as expected, because lightroom needs to be active and not on top to recognize key shortcuts.

My next solution is instead of the mouse movement which I mentioned in the post above, to re-open lightroom via \"execute file\" command. After a short time delay (10ms) I fire the key shortcut. Lightroom does not start again, but it gets aktiv. So I hope this will work now and not harm my system. Than I don\'t need an additional app.

Well I’m glad you got it working. Maybe someday Lightroom will add more advanced MIDI or keyboard support for their application.