Is there a way to accept input from any (all) computer keys

I'd like MT to accept any key I press on my laptop and then use rules to determine which key it was and respond correspondingly.... otherwise I'd need a translator for each key.

Is there a way to do this?



Hi Gabriel,

For keyboard input from any key you will need to either:

  1. Set up a translator for any key input (or combination)
  2. or
  3. If you have the capability to recognize serial data generated by your keyboard, you can set up a mechanism to recognize incoming serial data and then use the ascii value of the data to determine the output you want.

Maybe I should add this feature to MIDIBuddy, where MIDI buddy would take a key stroke and send MIDI note to MIDI buddy based on its Virtual Key code? The think I would need to be concerned about if I did this is to make sure the keystrokes used don’t interfere with any of MIDIBuddy’s current hotkeys.



I attached a file that has keyboard input mappings for QWERTY keyboard.


Thanks Steve,
Figured you’d have the answer. your point about interfering with MIDIBuddy hotkeys made me realize that I’d have a bad time avoiding Live hotkeys as well. I think my best path is to free up some pads on one of my Akai APC MINI’s and use them instead of the Qwerty keys. I have to give up some functionality I wasn’t using much anyway, so I think this is the most direct path forward.
In your debt, as always…

OK, Gabriel, yes if you could free up some controller keys, that would probably be cleaner.