Issue with deleting an Alias

I have an Alias that is no longer valid (the midi port attached to it no longer exists). I delete it and save the project. But when I restart the program, it's back again. And since the Alias does not exist, I get an error when the program starts.


If you delete an alias and reopen the project and the project references that alias (or unknown device name), it will attempt to re-create it and ask you to assign the real port name to that alias.

I suspect somewhere in the project file you have a reference to the alias (or port name that no longer exists).

It may be in the device inputs and output, or preset unique inputs and outputs, or translator unique inputs and outputs (or any combination).

You can go through your project in MT Pro and try and find them or optionally (after making a backup of your project file), open the project file in a text editor and do a global search and replace on the offending alias (or port) name.

Make sense?


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Thank you for your response Steve. I figured it out……deep inside a translator I had an unused reference to the alias, which was preventing me from deleting it. I removed it and everything is ok now. Thanks Again.


My pleasure, Ash!