Issues with continuous key press for FF and Rewind

Apologies in advance if this has been asked before. I did do a search but couldn’t find anything that seemed directly applicable.

I’m trying to replace some direct MIDI to application configurations I had set up for my Nektar Pacer and I seem to be having more difficulty than I expected. I’m attempting to replace the direct MIDI shortcuts in my Seventh String Software Transpose! application. Play, Stop, Pause/Continue were no issue - CC trigger in the Pacer, set it up to send the appropriate keystroke on the footswitch down and off to the races. What I’m having difficulties with are the Rewind and Fast Forward functions.

The mapped keyboard shortcut is what you’d expect. It moves in the chosen direction until you release the key then goes back to playing from the spot you released it.

With the MIDI shortcuts, I used the triggers as well, 127 on down and 0 on up. And I see these show up in MIDI Translator and MIDIOX. 127 when my foot’s on the switch, 0 when I let it up. In the Transpose! setup you can define two different shortcuts(which correspond to the keyboard shortcuts). One for footswitch down, one for footswitch up. But there doesn’t seem to be a parallel for this in MIDI Translator. I’ve tried two different translators mapped to the 127 and 0 values, each with a keypress corresponding to the RW and FF shortcuts. I’ve tried one with down, one with up. With and without the Enable Key Repeat option. The best I can get is a rewind that won’t turn off.

It seems like I must be missing something here. But I’m going to run into this same issue with my DAW’s it would appear. Since FF and RW are generally part of most transports.

Hi amd welcome to the Bome Forum!

Are you on Windows? Do you have a project file I can look at?

Also what DAW are you using and you mentioned FF and REW which are not standard Windows keystroke other than the system media ones so I want to make sure I understand which keystrokes you are actually trying to use.

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