Key hold or doubleclick for different Commands

Hi! Where is a good starting point, for setting up a footpedal which sends note on-offs for controlling different Commands with one note (first command send when pressed, another command send when hold for 1sec, another send when doubleclicked within 1 second)? I guess I have to use the timer?!

Hi, and welcome.

Take a look at the example I posted.

The first translator handles increment for each press but will cycle back to 0 when it reaches 3.

The second pair of translators handles multi-click. I set the timeout to 250ms and it will count how many times you clicked the button within that timeframe and output a MIDI program change message with the number of clicks. It will only output if you clicked more than once in that timeframe.

The third three translators look at the same button but instead of counting clicks, check for long press (in this case > 1000ms or 1 second). If the key is not released before then, nothing happens but if it is still being held it puts out a Note-On note 60 on CH1

The other tranlators that are disabled are merely markers to show you which ones are related.

Good luck!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist



Wheeeew! That sounds great!!! Will test it as soon as possible!