Knob Sending By Itself

There’s one little hardware knob periodically sending messages without touching it.
It’s a little wonky. I can push it down a bit and it stops sending for a while. But it’s random; like it’s broken. Is there a method to keep it from executing its translator unless I’m actively turning it?

Well if it is moving by just one, you could have the translator determine how much it has moved and then only send output if it moves 2 or more. You would need to track the last known position in a global variable and then compare the incoming value with the last known value. EX if you are using ga (which you probably are not)

Incoming: Control Change on MIDI CH 1 CC#3 any value set to qq

// get the difference
// store new value in ga
// make the difference a positive number
if rr<0 then rr=rr*-1
// is it more than 1?
if rr<2 then exit rules, skip outgoing action

Outgoing: Control Change on MIDI CH 1 CC#3 value qq

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