launchpad mk2 round buttons LED

Hello guys,i had a question about how top get the 64 pads on the launchpad to light and how to asign a specific color to them and toggle on/off state and be able to map to a keystroke so thank you Steve for sending me a preset file, it helped greatly. however i want to able to do the same with the round buttons, how can i do that? which variable can i set for that. i attached the file I'm using.

Thanks again.



To do this you would need to do something similar to what I did for the main matrix.

Set up a bit map with the top row and right side to reflect the button states.

Set up a timer to iterate through the buttons at project start.


If you need this done for you, this would be paid support.  I see you sent me an email so I'll respond with an estimate there.


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Hey Steve,

I just loaded the preset and I'm very happy with the results . thank you for your time and work.