LFO sync on tempo, random trigger function

Hello! I recently digging into bomesoftware.
I figure out that I can make LFO thru rules using timers to trigger to add constant values on variables, and if specific point reaches, reset the number.
But I figure out that it is really hard to fit the timer repeat time perfectly fit to the tempo I intended. Because like 120BPM 125 BPM 60BPM 100BPM 150BPM stuff is easy to sync cause it perfectly divided by time and the time I have to set is perfectly fit. but for random tempo, I can’t set the timer that accurate.
So is there are ay plans to add the LFO feature to control CC or other midi values?

Also If there are some random value generator exist this will be very useful I think. It can helps to make very experimental sound I think.

Hi @ahwk0607 ,

Thanks for these suggestions! Both of these features have been requested before and it is OK that you request them again.

I think a random value generator is on the roadmap but not sure about the timer accuracy. As you know, right now, MT Pro only handles timers at the millisecond level and I ran into this before and for now am using other clock sources to get precise BPM needed.

For computer BPM I use Ableton Live and for device BPM I use either Arturia Beatsteop or MIDIHUB. I don’t need that accuracy that often so only do this occasionally. Not an aswer but just a workaround, but yes, it would be nice to have this available in MT Pro (and BomeBox) as well.

Thanks again!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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