Linnstrument Upper and Lower MPE zones to separate outputs

Trying to use split feature of Linnstrument which allows separation of upper and lower zones of MPE
however Ableton 11 routes All midi channels to a track if controller is set up as MPE.

I attempted with translators swallowing zones, midi channels but to no avail. Ableton still receives all channels on both tracks.

Any tips?

Try removing your MIDI Thru routes. Swallow only works if the following conditions are true

1 - The outgoing message executes
2 - The outgoing message executes and the outgoing action is NONE

So a rule like this will NOT swallow since the outgoing message does not
execute. What will happen is that all channels will still go the MIDI thru route

// Check for MIDI CH 1 in local variable oo
if oo!=0 then exit rules, skip outgoing action

Outgoing : Note on channel 1 value qq

However this WILL swallow the messages

// All channels except MIDI channel 1 will be swallowed
if oo==0 then exit rules skip outgoing action

Outgoing: NONE

I hope this helps! Consequently, I generally do not use MIDI Thru routes unless I want to pass through SysEX. If so, you need to put one more more translators in place with outgoing action of none to suppress anything that you don’t want to pass thru.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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