log file truncated

Now and again I get the message "log file truncated". Once the message appears, most inputs, rules, and outputs are no longer logged. I believe the midi commands are still being received, interpreted, and output correctly even though they don't produce a record, but it does make me uneasy.

Is there reasonable to be worried that when this message is generated, I'm also at risk of disturbing the midi stream itself?

I'm not exactly sure what I do to make it happen, but will probably be able to figure it out eventually. I plan on turning off the log window once my BMT program is completed, but still need to leave logfile on to debug.



(Hi Steve. MIDIBuddy is treating me very well. I'm so grateful that you created it. There are some situations, while trying to edit either BMT or Live, when the MIDIBuddy gets in the way. Ctrl Alt R. Ctrl Alt P, Ctrl Alt F, and the Special key all help to some degree, but sometimes, there's no way to make progress without temporarily exiting MIDIBuddy.

Once again, I have to beg off further explanation. Just formulating an explanation is somehow complicated.... but I will get to it soon. My BMT program is 99.99% done. I'm just exploring the few "corners" where problems pop up when I try things I thought would work one way, but they don't --- quite!

Hi Gablriel. I believe (but not 100% sure) that log file truncated just is a warning indicating that the log could not keep up with the MIDI stream. I don’t think it will hurt anything (except if you are trying to debug a program by looking at the log file). In normal operation the log should be turned off as it can slow down the operation of MT Pro. It is really just meant as a debugging/analysis tool. I’ll double check my statements with Florian to ensure I’m being 100% accurate.


As far as MIDIBuddy, I’m glad you are able to get some value from it! If you can articulate the issues, I will look into them and see what I can do.



pretty much… when the log gets very long, it’ll remove the beginning of the log to prevent it from growing indefinitely (and eating up your memory, and slowing down your computer — specifically for those cases where you keep on using the Log Window even in a critical situation).

It’s easy to reproduce that by using a timer which fires every millisecond. You’ll see the log fill up quickly, but eventually the first part gets removed, and the “truncated” message is inserted at the new beginning of the log.

Having said that, there should be no functional difference when that message appears. All logging and translating should continue as before (log messages are appended at bottom). If you can reproduce the problem that logging gets impaired after the log gots truncated, please let me know.

Thanks Steve and Florian.

As you said, I believe I’ve never experienced functional difficulties with MT after receiving the log truncated message. Your response is reassuring. I will say, though, that once I receive that message, logging is very sparse. If I move a continuous controller, for example, instead of getting a quite dense logging, I get just a few sporadic messages separated by fairly long intervals… maybe 1/2 second or so… maybe longer or shorter. I haven’t paid much attention to this yet, but the next time it happens, I’ll take a closer look.

Again….. thanks,