Log in Simple Midi?

In the MTP Log Window is there any way to show Simple MIDI rather than Raw MIDI?
I see the “Convert Raw MIDI to Simple MIDI” option but this looks like it applies only to MIDI messages included as a part of a preset/translator, not within the log window.


No, MIDI OUT is always in Hex. It doesn’t really take too much time to get use to it

9x yy vv - 9 is note-on x is MIDI channel 0-F (1-16) yy is note number vv is value
90 yy 00 - This is always note off
8x yy vv - Note-Off
Bx yy vv - yy is CC number vv is value
Cx vv - Program change MIDI CHx vv is value
Ex hh vv - Pitch Bend hh=high order bits and vv= low order bits

00=0 and 7F is 127

Bit 0 = 1
Bit 1 = 2
Bit 3 = 4
Bit 4 = 8
Bit 5 = 16
Bit 6 = 32
Bit 7 = 64

Each next bit is 2x the previous bit value

Add them together and it is 127

That covers about 90% of them.

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Thanks, Steve. This brought up another question but I’ll start a new thread because it’s completely separate.

Awaiting your other question.