Make a Preset switch with one CC/Note



wanted to make a Preset Switch by trigger the same note/cc.

Example: I trigger Note/CC 60 - Preset 1 activate

By trigger Note/CC 60 again - deactivate preset 1 and activate preset 2

By trigger again - deactivate preset 2 and activate preset 1


Couldn`t find the right rule for this.


But please without using the option: "deactivate all other presets"


I`ve only found the amazing "SHIFT Layer" but this is useless for my idea.



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If you don't use "deactivate all other presets", you will need to have two translators, each with a different outgoing action. One to deactivate the last preset and the other to activate the new preset. Both with the same incoming message.  Of course the activation/deactivation translators will need to be in a preset that never de-activates.

You could use a numbering system than increments a global variable by two if you want to call them out by preset number.  So for instance, the odd number is always the deactivation preset and the even number always the activation preset. Of course you would need to keep the presets in order.


Is there a reason you don't want deactivate all? I usually do this and then just set the others to always on. I think you can still override and deactivate and always on preset by name if you want.



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Yeah. This was my way I wanted to do this. By the number I didnt could find a resolution how to make a rule for this. I have 44 Translators in my project and always on are 20 of them. So if I make deactivate all the others, my MIDI controller wouldnt run correct.
I cant fusion the 20 Translators together, because I use much local variables. So if I would fusion the translators I wouldnt have them.
My global variables going out too. I think I have only a few left.
This script which I have wrote, is big.
Normally I would need maybe something like this:
Trigger the note – the note holds and be on value 127. If I trigger the note again – it goes to value 0.
A simple on and off thing.
Normally it should run with this rule isnt it? qq=qq^1 or qq=qq^127 But this isnt enough. I need a rule for the different 2 presets too right?
By write it like the numbers. I would for example change only two numbers:
Translator Number: 46 and 47
Trigger CC – 40 – activate preset 46, deactivate preset 47
Trigger CC – 40 again – activate preset 47, deactivate preset 46
For this I couldn`t find a way.
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The below example shows you how you can toggle two presets without using any global variables. Basically the incoming action of enabling one, creates an outgoing action to disable the other. You just have to make sure that only one preset is enabled when you start.

You shouldn't worry too much about re-use of local variables. They are only shared with translators that have the same incoming trigger.

If you are worried about running out of global variables, you can use a technique called bit mapping. A global variable has 32 bits so you can basically use one global variable to handle 32 on/off states. It is a bit tricky to set up but once you understand it, it isn't too bad. If you are interested, search on "bit mapping" and you can find some examples.


Steve Caldwell


Ah lol. This is really easy. Why I didnt see this option with the incoming trigger, to make preset deactivate? xD Thank you for the example Steve. This makes my life easier with my MK II 🙂 The ”bit mapping” action, in which we wrote few time ago, like the 32 high bit mapping, would be a very big project. I didnt know, if I could solve this, after writing this script with all the facts I did.
Normally I wanted to have the MK II for Fl Studio. It runs perfect, with all the things I wanted.
But the LED Feedback is more complex as I thought and the last thing, I cant solve without doing a high bitmapping. So I would need the 32 bit mapping option, to solve this, but for now, its a little bit to much for me to wrote the whole project again.
Ive searched for the 32 bit mapping like others do. But I couldnt find out, how I can solve this with bome. We did the option from Mode 0, 1st or 2nd program change of the MK II with bit mapping you remember maybe?
But in the manual, I couldnt find the context how it was combine. I went all the steps backwards but cant understand this. Looked some videos about bit mapping and it looks like so easy to make it with the help of the manual.
But the order to build a bitmap like this is confusing me….
Than the time comes, I will be sit down and write you an email :slightly_smiling_face:
The other thing is, after put in mode 2, I cant use the value for color change, and light modes, have to make everything manual on the bome. So I need for all Notes a different global variable to make this run perfect. In Mode 0 the factory mode, is this running without variables because I can configure everything in the DAW, with values and channel changes, but cant use the Channel changer we did in Mode 2 xD
So I have the choice what I need more….
For now I think, all the things you showed me and helped me, is much more as I thought.
I am so much thankfull for your help and all your great explainings. You helped me so much on this project.
You are an amazing man Steve!
kindest regards

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Yes, Mike, I think there is an issue with the forum tool. When I post, my post hangs, but still seems to go through with the paragraphs messed up. I will need to inform Florian so he can have a talk with the forum developer about this recent bug.

I’m glad I was able to help! Yes the amount of global variables as well as their naming is the top of my wish list for future releases on MT Pro. Let me know if an when you need my assistance again and Happy New Year!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist