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i have 5 switches. first switches has 2 value of sysex which is 00 (first push) and 01(2nd), i used it as global var (ga) fhat will determine 4 other switches function, such as if ga==0 then 4 switches will convert to CC, n if ga=1 fhen its PC. but it didnt work like that… how can i get it right… i know its domething to do with global var right? thanks

Hi, the attached should do what you want.

  • The first translator sets the global variable ga to either 0 or 1. (Toggle)
  • The second two translators look at the global variable and do nothing if ga=1, however send CC with value of 127 for note-on or and value of 0 for note-off if ga=0. We also look at the incoming note number and limit it to those we want to process.
  • The third translator looks at the global variable ga and only executes if ga=1. It sends Program change based on incoming note number’

Note to CC or PC-2021-01-18.bmtp (2.6 KB)

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thsnks. it really work n solve