Manipulate midi chnge programs that are random and unruly

Hi…after a while, i finally have one more problem … so here’s the case: i have 2 buttons with (+) and (-) symbols on my midi controller. I want when I press the (+) button the MIDI program change will increase by one, vice versa with (-) button that will decrease by one. The problem is these buttons send midi program change randomly (irregular), so it is not according to my needs. Does MT have solution for this? Thank you in advance

We can certainly suppress any MIDI message, however the trick is to figure out which ones you want to pass through and which ones you want to suppress. Are you saying you want to suppress any Program Change and let everything else through? Beyond the random PC messages are the other incoming messages consistent so that we can reliably figure out when to send ‘+’ or ‘-’ ?

Steve Caldwell
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