Map Mackie Protocol to a synth’s CC’s?

Happy New Year everyone!

Has anyone tried mapping the Mackie/MCU protocol to the CC’s on a synth?

I did a search here and found many topics about connecting X Touch to DAW’s. Fortunately I’ve got that covered - my X Touch and Cubasis as well as my XR18 mixer are pretty good friends natively.

I’m thinking of using BMTP and BomeBox to connect my beloved Waldorf Blofeld in all its legendary “knoblessness” to the very knobby, button and fader-full X Touch. I’m sure if I invest a week or so I can add it to my already extensive BMTP project, but I wanted to see if anyone has already done something similar.

Having a list of translators associated with each of the controls on the X Touch would speed this project.



This example should get you started.,

I have faders that use pitch bend to CC. Mackie MCU uses pitch bend for faders. I set the output CC based on incoming Pitch bend channel + 8 so CC8-CC15.

I set V-POTS to CC16-23. For V-POTS, I use the same incoming CC, however V-POTs are relative so I use the relative offset to adjust the global variables ga-gh for absolute CC output. (Check the rules). When a V-POT moves if move negative, 0x40 is added to the incoming message so 0x41 is -1. For positive, noting is added. I then add the offset to the current global variable value to update the new value and then ensure it never goes greater than 127 or less than 0.

Buttons are left untouched (use MIDI Thru path)

Mackie-Fader-and-VPOT-to-CC.bmtp (2.6 KB)


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