MIDI Buddy questions

Hi, I'm having more trouble with MIDI Buddy. It only works when I 'suspend hotkeys' on the taskbar menu. But I have to do that on every launch. Can it be a latching toggle, please?

Also, a few times when opening it, I get an error pop up saying the MIDI port has changed. Says it could happen when the MIDI port has changed. ? I didn't change it. Then it says there is no output port.

I was trying to set up my piano keyboard MIDI controller with it. But now I only get blue MIDI input in the MIDI monitor, but a red mouse output, and nothing happens, or I just get the clicks, but not the movement. ?


I\'ll check into the suspend issue. It should always start without hotkeys suspended.


As far as port changes, anytime you unplug or plug in a new MIDI device or enable or disable a virtual port, the system will detect this change. You just need to re-assign the MIDI port you want to use with MIDIBuddy.

The only other time this would happen is if you start the MIDIBuddy executable from a different folder as MIDIBuddy expects the file \"MIDBuddy.ini\" in the current folder and if it does not find it there, it will recreate a default \"MIDIBuddy.ini\" in the folder it starts. If you have a Windows shortcut for MIDIBuddy. Then ensure that you have defined the folder in which you want MIDIBuddy to start.

Oh and I\'m not sure what you are talking about Blue MIDI input and Red Mouse Output. What monitor are you speaking of?


Steve Caldwell
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I'm asking for the hotkeys to remain suspended indefinitely. The only way the mouse executes the translators is if the hotkeys are suspended, don't know why.

I had unplugged my new computer and plugged in my old one to deauthorize some licenses. I probably plugged the usb's into different slots. So now I'm getting these port error messages every launch, even though I fixed the ports, and haven't changed anything since the fix.

I attached snips of the errors that I'm getting.

The MIDI Buddy output port isn't staying on MTP, either. It either defaults to my audio interface, or my keyboard or something. I attached that pic to show where it's defaulting to. It would be really nice if I didn't have to set the port or the hotkey toggle on each launch.


As for the MIDI monitor, I was referring to the MTP Event Monitor. I attached a snip where I barely caught the mouse output red colour fading out, after pushing a button. Even the Zero MKII that was working before no longer is. I'm just getting red output on the mouse. Don't know what I have done differently to break it.


OK, I'll consider the enhancement request for the next build which I'm not sure when it will happen. 

For MIDIBuddy, you should always choose Bome MIDI Translator 1 port as your output port (unless you change the Bome Project file for a different port).


The mouse out activity will only show if you have a translator defined to create mouse outgoing action. My guess is that the input port that you are receiving MIDI data from is either incorrect or closed or the translator is looking for a different incoming MIDI trigger. 


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist