Midi Out Device behaving differently with same hardware on different machines.

This video explains the issue: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18WYu1oU-GNWTZz3zTQZztZmUIE1olEGK/view?usp=sharing

A text description: I have a Midisport Uno 1x1 midi interface connected from my FCB1010 to my PC. I open Ableton. I get midi into Ableton from the pedal as I should. I open up my MT preset, and select the Midisport Uno as the Midi In device. I now get the same midi as before to Ableton, with the additional translated keystrokes. Everything works as I want. Life is good. (Note: Midi Thru nor the sense options are on)

When I plug the Midisport Uno 1x1 into my Laptop, I open Ableton, and get midi as I should. However, when I open the same MT preset and attempt to select the Midisport Uno as the Midi In device, I get the memory error (open in another program). I can get one or the other. Life is not good.

Why would this behave this way on my laptop, but not on my PC?

Hi, Make sure that Ableton Live is not using your Uno 1x1 as input. Windows only allows one application to access a given MIDI port. It is possible that Ableton Live is trying to open MIDIsport which will not allow any other application on a Windows machine. (like MIDI Translator) access it. My guess is that your copy of Ableton Live on your desktop is not trying to access the MIDIsport port which allows MIDI Tranaalsto to access it but on your laptop, Ableton is opening MIDISport blocking access to MIDI Translator.




In the video I posted Ableton is using the Midisport as a midi device and so is MT. There is no conflict. They are both using the Midisport as a midi input device despite your claim of Windows\' inability to do so.

Maybe on one of your devices you are using a different port on your MIDISport. It is a fact that two programs on Windows 10 cannot monitor the same MIDI port. If you think this is happening, there may be some other program running which is acting as a MIDI splitter which is allowing it to happen.

If you use MT Pro, you can use the routing function to router MIDISPORT in to 2 different virtual MIDI ports for 2 separate applications to use.

There are other applications that can support the same type of MIDI splitting function.

My real desire is simply to have it work on my laptop as it does on my PC as in this attached image.


I have not intentionally set up anything to split midi to achieve what I accomplished in the image above. What is your best guess as to why this was a plug and play thing with my PC but not so with my Laptop?

Best guess is you have some other software running on the PC that is working. Maybe a special driver from the interface manufacturer

Using the same interface with both PC’s…

So, you mentioned setting something up to split midi. What would do so and allow me to achieve the same thing?

You can use Bome MIDI Translator Pro and define you MIDISport as input and Bome MIDI Translator Virtual 1 as output and draw a line to make a thru path between the two. Then in Ableton Live you would choose Bome MIDI Translator Virtual 1 (or BMT 1 if you have set up short names in Bome MIDI Translator Pro).

Steve Caldwell
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Will I have to buy it for each machine?

Only if you are using the concurrently. Not if you are using it on just one machine at a time.


Okay well I spent the money and bought the pro version.

I now have a new problem where ableton now sees the unprocessed midi going through MTP, but it wont turn any of my modules on/off. 

MTP off, it works fine, MTP on, ceases to work.

Hi Set it up as shown in the picture below. I've also attached the project file with the proper inputs, output and default route.


Well my friend you have done it. I am sorry you had to hold my hand through this. I was able to achieve this in literally two minutes with the free classic version on my PC. I still can’t imagine why it would not work similarly on my laptop. However, given the outstanding customer service, I will say that the money spent was justified. Thank you.

P.S. So if I am assessing this correctly, the reason why what I was doing did not work is either because of it not being selected as remote only or because I did not create an alias for the Uno :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, I have no idea why it actually worked on one of your PCs. You will be much happier with MT Pro as it has many more capabilities, such as being able to create virtual ports so that you can do the types of things I showed you. There is a long list of what MT Pro can do that Classic cannot.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist