MIDI ports and MIDI router for 2 devices


I own these 2 MIDI devices which are connected to my Windows 10-PC via USB (each has its own usb connection):

  • Novation Bass Station II
  • Novation Launchkey 37 MK3

For the Bass Station II only receiving MIDI is necessary.
I use it to control Omnisphere 2 (great Hardware support for BS2).
For the Launchkey MIDI in is important but also MIDI-Out to program its Pads (colors) and the LED.

As a DAW I use Presonus Studio One 5.

I read the page 19/20 of the BOME manual, but I’m not sure if I set up everything correctly.
Basically it works, but that doesn’t automatically mean it’s fine.

This is how it is now:

If I use two devices, does it automatically mean I need 2 virtual MIDI ports?
I created Aliases but didn’t use them yet, but I would like to because in the DAW it would be easier to assign.

Thanks for any help and best regards!

You can use Bome MIDI Translator Pro as a merger if you would like 2 ports in to one port out, however keep in mind if they send the same MIDI messages, your application will not be able to differentiate from which device (port) the message came. It is primarily up to the application what to do with the MIDI data if you do this. Typically when I do something like that, I will use translators to convert to different MIDI channels on each device so that there is true differentiation of the data.

It is almost always good to use Aliases instead of the physicall port as it makes it much easier if you change around your configuration. It is much easier to change alias assignment than using physical devices in maybe hundreds of translators.

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