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Hi, YouTube has a permissions tab that allows MIDI. I’m not sure what they mean by that, but I’m trying to play/pause videos (and whatever else) with MIDI messages, but can’t figure out how. Can’t find any tutorials on it either.

MIDI Devices

If I push the stop button on my Fire, which is MCU, 90 5D 7F chrome goes to the history tab. So it’s reacting to MIDI messages, I just don’t have a map or something. The MTP output “play song” and “continue song” outputting on a generic port are not doing it.

Wait, no it’s not MCU. It’s FL Studio that receives a message and uses the MCU for itself, my bad.

Hi, I haven’t heard anything about MIDI integration with Youtube.


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Sorry it’s Google Chrome that has the new MIDI feature.
I was in the Windows YouTube app and it opened Chrome to change permissions.
I will keep looking. Can’t find a MIDI map anywhere.

Yes, for some years now, Google Chrome has had a feature to expose your local MIDI ports over the web. The web application itself would control the mapping and what the messages mean. I think it is called Web MIDI and some controller manufactures are currently using it so that you can edit your controller mapping with their application on the web.

Nothing to do with YouTube.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz
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Ya, I’m trying the extension. It works once, then when closing Chrome it forgets the link.
It can only have one link. It thinks channel 1 is channel 33.
This was probably designed by Image Line. :sweat_smile:
Chan 33

The Chrome keyboard shortcuts can’t help me. FLS steals keyboard focus and uses the same hotkeys.

I’m trying something that’s pretty cool, but I need to have a private messaging channel for YouTube transport controls somehow.

The other drawback is when you expose your MIDI port in Chrome on Windows, only the web application can get to it and your local applications get locked out. The only way I’ve seen to fix this is to close down all instances of the Chrome browser.

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Right. Well I increased my Bome ports from 5 to 6, so the #6 port is for this only.
I’m going to investigate why chrome reacted to that MIDI message, without the extension being involved.