Midi Translator: Store + recall “last active preset”

Hi, I plan to buy Midi Translator if the following is possible. I hope someone can answer this.

I will need a project with 4 presets:

  • Master
  • Panel 1
  • Panel 2
  • Shift

In NORMAL mode (without Shift being pressed):

Master should be always active.

Between Panel 1 / 2 I need to toggle with two buttons on a controller.

— So far no problem, I think I understand from the manual how to configure this behavior. Now comes the tricky(?) part: —

SHIFT mode can be toggled with a third button. When it’s active, all other presets should be deactivated.

When the shift button is released, the last state should be restored, i.e. Master and Panel 1 or Panel 2 should be activated – depending on which one was active before Shift has been activated.

Can I somehow store the “last active preset” in a global variable and use it from there? Or is there another / a better solution?

Thank you!

The below should work.
Note 0 and note 1 on set the global variable ga to 1 and 2 respectively thereby shifting between Panel 1 and Panel 2.

Note 2 on enables Shift only by name “Shift”. Note 2 off selecst the preset by number where ga is the number, thereby going to the last selected unshifted preset.

Shift-Management-2021-04-03.bmtp (1.6 KB)

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