MIDIBuddy - Adjustments to range of action

Hi Gabriel, I’m glad we got it working to your liking! For the benefit of others:

Gabriel is now able to use his trackball (enabled as a mouse) to change Ableton Live paramaters without the Ableton Live window having to be open or in a certain position. Yay

Each mouse has a unique guid so it may be possible to differentiate messages between different mice, however there would be a few challenges.
1) The GUID is not user friendly. The user would need to figure out and assign each mouse a “friendly” name.
2) If the configuration changes (mouse unplugged or plugged), system restart, the GUID could change so you would then need to re-assign it a new user friendly name

Now if you have a trackball that looks like a “game controller’ to Windows, that may be another story.

Hi Steve. Also for the benefit of others:

MIDIBuddy is really very cool. I now have a trackball that acts as a joystick… sending out MIDI messages for X-axis and Y-axis movements. Also trackball button presses and scroll wheel messages. That means I can map the output of the x-axis movements to one parameter in Live, y-axis movements to another parameter, and scroll wheel movement to yet another. I just noticed that shoving the scroll wheel to the right (only) also produces MIDI output.
I’ve been wanting this for a long time and didn’t know how to do it. But Steve did ; )