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hi friends, as far i understand there are 687 global variables. is there anyway to increase this number, or maybe are any updates planed to increase those. i am planing my studio right now and again there will be a lot lot work to programm in mtp. this time, i dont want to do the job so often. Thanks and cheers

Actually there are 710 global variables which was increased from 304 with version 1.9.

For the most part, I was OK with the 304 because I usually use bitmapping which allows me to control 32 button on/off states with only 2 global variables. Can you tell me how you are using them? Maybe I can help. My guess is that the number of global variables are not likely to increase anytime soon, however schedules of upcoming releases and features is not pre-announced so I don’t know for sure.

I will put your request forward but in the meantime I can probably help with workarounds using the current global variables available.

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Hi Steve, its incredebile how fast you are always. a big thanks.
why 710. its 35 for each letter (ga-gz g1-g9)
g = 35
h = 35
i = 35
j = 35
k = 35
l = 35
m = 35
n = 35
o = 34
p = 34
q = 34
r = 34
s = 34
t = 34
u = 34
v = 34
w = 34
x = 34
y = 34
Z = 34
anythink i overlooked?
i have a big studio and a lot of midi controllers. i bought now 4 midi fighter twister, to controlle the parameters and to substitute those 1000 midi controllers ( doepfer drehbanks, 10 faderfox ect). to do this i want to programm preset changes that send colour and cc value to the twister. especially to controlle three octatracks, the allen heath qu 32 and some more stuff. i see no other solution to give each parameter a global variable, so that it changes the visual feedback on the twister when i am changing the preset. maybe you have some other solutions. cheers Tiberio

Global variable count

[g-n][a-z,0-9] - 360 - 36*10
[o-x] [a-z,0-9 excluding first letter which are locals] - 350 - 35*10
Total 710

It is likely that you will need to do some computations using rules rather than local variables. Again bitmapping may be your best answer. For instance to control 16 colors you need only 4 bits so a single global variable would be able to control 32/4 or 8 different controls with a resolution of 16 colors. You would use different bits for each of the 8 controls.

I typically use 2 global variables to control only on/off state for 64 buttons. I then use rules to pick the colors I want for each state needed.

You would need 2 bits to control 4 states, 3 bits to control 8 states, 4 bits for 16 states, 5 bits for 32 states etc.

You could always change presets to have the colors viewed represented differently depending on which preset is enabled.

Maybe a real live example of something you want to do and I could demonstrate how to do it using bitmapping. Also in some cases, storing the state after sending it to the controller may not be necessary so you could use local variables for that.

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hi steve, i use the globals not to controle the colour, i use it to controle the cc value on the machine and the visual reprasentation on the twister. the colour is done by locals, which is not the problem. is simply want to controlle more than 720 global ccs like volume, filter etc on my machines. :slight_smile:

You may not need to use global CC’s but in either case a single global variable would be able to control 128 values (0-127) for 4 different controllers so if all you need is 8 bits (MIDI CC’s use 7), then you would have 710 x 4 or 2,840 static values you could track using the available global variables.

Since the controllers usually transmit their values when moved, you might not need to track them all in MT Pro as when you start moving the control again, you will see it’s new value from the controller itself. Of course this would only apply to absolute CC’s. For relative CC’s you may or may not need to track their actual current value if you are just using the amount you want to move.

Another thing I know that is on the roadmap is the ability to store and retrieve global variables between sessions so maybe a concept of ‘variable sets’ might be of help where you could save and restore a given variable set. This is all conjecture right now but again, I have yet to find someone using or needing more than 710 global variables. Who knows. Maybe you will be the first.:wink:

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