Mouse followed by keyboard presses

ive been using Bomes for a little while now and have mapped separate mouse & keyboard presses
i need some help with how to do a mouse click then follow up with a keypress…
its probably a simple solution but i havent figured this one out.
would appreciate any help with example script to carry this simple 2part process… or however many parts i wish to implement if at all possible


Hi and welcome to the Bome Forum!

Here is an example.

The first translator handles the incoming action and starts a timer. Each step (translator in a timer) has a different outgoing action. The delay between actions is added on each step. In this case, 100ms is added between each step.

Key-Sequence-w-delay-2021-04-10.bmtp (1.9 KB)

In this case it is key sequences on output only but it could be any outgoing action.

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thank you SteveC…
ill get my head around these timers and use of variables, once i see enough examples of usage,
again thank you