MPE Zone Scaling

The Ableton 11 MPE implementation routes All midi channels to a track, and also from a track, when sending outgoing MPE using the External Instrument device. For example, Ableton sends the first note played on MIDI ch 2, then the next note played on ch 3, and so on up to ch 16, then it cycles back and sends a note on ch 2. Now, I want to use Ableton to play an MPE capable synthesizer that only listens for notes on MIDI channels 2 through 7. The synth has six voices, so apparently the manufacturer thought this limitation would be good.

I’m trying to make something work with BMT. I’ve no experience with this software, but I’m trying to not let that stop me. Based on what I’ve learned so far, I think what I’m trying to do might be described as scaling the MPE zone, mapping notes coming in on ch 2…16 to the channels 2…7. Is this functionality supported without writing algebra?


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So what I’m hearing is that Ableton Live is sending on MIDI CH 2-16 (15 channels) and you want to change that so that it goes out MIDI Channels 2-7 instead (6 channels).

You would need to simply map the incoming channel numbers to the desired outgoing channels you want. You could do that a number of ways. How would you like them mapped.

The logic would look something like this

Note on any channel set channel to oo set note to pp set velocity to qq
Rules: (I’m making up the mapping.

if oo < 16 then rr=6
if oo < 14 then rr=5
if oo < 12 then rr=4
if oo < 10 then rr=3
if oo < 8 then rr=2
if oo < 6 then rr=1

Outgoing Note-On MIDI CH rr with note pp and velocity qq

Then you would do the same thing for note off. Notice that I start high and progressively lower the MIDI channel as you go through the logic so the outgoing channel will fire correctly. This saves a little bit of boolean logic.

Whatever you do for note on you will need to do for note-off so that you don’t end up with notes hung on.

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