MT sending MIDI to Live, but nothing gets recorded in Log Window

Under what conditions would MIDI be sent to Live (with no problems) but with nothing being recorded in the MT Log Window? Restarting the project from the MT File menu doesn't fix it, but quitting MT and restarting it does fix it. This could have something to do with my MT code that inputs MIDIBuddy code and does stuff like sending MIDI mouse button clicks and disabling or re-enabling some MT presets, but so far it only happens occasionally.

I know this might be difficult to analyze without more info, so as I learn more, I'll add to this thread.



Hi, Gabriel,


I don’t know any situation when the log file would not show messages being sent unless of course the logging capabilities are turned off. I would suspect a Windows driver issue but you say the messages are getting through OK to Live so I don’t think that is the problem.

Remember however, there is a difference in logging “Outgoing Messages” and “MIDI OUT” messages. “MIDI OUT” will always be shown regardless whether triggered by a translator or not (IE pass through MIDI), while “Outgoing Messages” will only be shown if a translator is handing the message and of course includes outgoing mouse clicks and keystrokes in addition to MIDI messages).


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Hi marylouise,
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