Multiple Identical USB-MIDI Devices?

Here’s one I never thought to ask:

Can BomeBox differentiate between two USB-MIDI controllers of the same make and model?
I have been planning to pick up a second Arturia Microlab 25-Key Keyboard, but they would need to be connected to the same hub, advertised over the network as separate Direct Virtual Midi ports, and be attached/reattached to the USB hub without ‘swapping places.’

Hi, yes this is how my BomeBox sees two connected MIDI Fighter Twisters on my Windows PC looking at my BomeBox2 over Bome Network. The other devices are not connected. In general, this is how most operating systems assign device names of the same device type.


However, although Remote Direct MIDI ports can be seen on a PC or Mac, you will not see them on another BomeBox until a future update. Right now BomeBox just exposes them to computers on the Network. BomeBox can expose but cannot currently recognize Remote Direct MIDI ports although this is planned for a future BomeBox future update.

I believe the numerical assignment will stick with the port that it is plugged into so if you reverse them at the hub, the names will likely be swapped as well.

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