"Mute" note offs for a foot controller

Hi folks, I recently purchased a USB foot controller (Icon G-Board) to use with Ableton Live.

Unfortunately, it seems to send out Note On/Off in quick succession in Trigger mode, which doesn't work well with Ableton's Looper. What I need is to send two Note Ons in quick succession and hold for three seconds to clear the Looper.

I was thinking about using Bome Midi Translator to suppress the Note Off message. Is this possible to do?


See the attached.

We look for note on note 60.

The first translator triggers a repeating timer that sends two notes off. The rules set the number of repeats (pp) and the timer between notes (qq)

The second translator looks at the same message but sends a single note off after a delay of 3 seconds

The third translator is the repeating timer that actually sends the note-on messages.

On opening the first time, you will be prompted for aliases for your G-Board and the Port you are using to send to Ableton Live. After that if you change the assignments you can do so using the MIDI-> Edit Port aliases menu item.

Since there are no translators that recognize incoming notes-off, when your pedalboard sends a note-off message it will be suppressed.



Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist



Thanks Steve!

You are welcome, John!