No incoming midi

So if I understand correctly, you want to send MIDI in on your Roland FC300 on the MIDI DIN port in and send that MIDI to the MIDI DIN output to your MIDI instrument?

You want to convert CC1 to CC7?

Again, we need to get your BomeBox setup before I can provide a project file that does what you want.

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I don’t have an iphone, this does not explain how to set this up with a computer?

Honestly, this is becoming insanity.

I don’t have an ethernet cable nor want one.

I tried with my android phone and it said an error occored.

We’re beyond a joke now what the heck is going on?

I want my money back I’m done with this

Why can’t I set this device up on a browser? Calling the shop tomorrow.

Please contact us using the Contact Form. if you want to return your BomeBox.

If you purchased from somewhere other than Bome Web site, please contact who you purchased it from.

We are still available here to help you get it working for you if you decide to keep it.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

I have no clue how to get this working. The tutorial you gave me explains no of the set up I need, I do not have an iphone. I do not have an ethernet cable, I won’t be buying either just for this either.

I’ve been doing this for 16 years, there’s no problem I’ve never nt solved but this device is a whole other level. Since when do I require an iphone to play music?

You don’t need an iPhone. I set mine up with a computer and WiFi. You just connect to it as a hotspot wit your computer and go to IP address in the address of your web browser.

I have no idea how to connect it with hotspot. This is my point, it’s obstacle after another

Where is the manual or the tutorial for setting this device for hotspot?
I’ve spent 20 mins and this isn’t even music related

I sent you a link to the PDF instructions in the forum and previous PM. It goes through a great bit of detail. I can help you if you want but if that is what you want lets focus on getting you running and not complaining. OK, I’m here to help. This device is a class of no other in capabilities. There is no other device like it that I have found.

BomeBox Instructions

Ok I"ve set the device up and still doens’t work

That took about 30 minutes and I still have no data coming into the software. Awesome

That’s fine for someone who has infinite time to spend. I’d be interested to know the average time spent setting the device up.

I’ve gotten no where and It’s taken me half the day. And I’ve still gotten nowhere even after this thread of 32 messages. All i want to do is change #CC messages. An extremely simple task which has turned into a maze

Hi @futureoutfit ,
we understand you are frustrated (or any other words you like to call it). However, this is a civilized discussion forum.
As Steve said, we are trying to help you here. Sarcasm does not help, either. You may reduce our motivation to help, though.

Your BomeBox is not faulty. It works as designed and it will work for what you need it. Before purchase, you may have missed that this is a powerful network MIDI device. It’s neither a “cheap” MIDI interface nor a single-use MIDI processor.

Yes, you need to connect it the way it’s designed. That might be different from what you know. But that’s what you got.

It takes most users 5 minutes to set up the BomeBox. We have very clear step-by-step instructions in form of the user’s manual as well as the video tutorials.

I am not trying to downplay your horrible experience. Frankly, I have no idea what has gone wrong on your side. You are the first customer in years who has so much trouble getting started with the BomeBox.

Also, the fact that there are so many messages in this forum topic should tell you that we’re not leaving you alone with this problem. That we’re trying to understand what you’re doing wrong.

I’ve set it up, watched every relevant tutorial. I can’t figure it out. I can’t do this anymore. Just buying midi solutions device.

Already sent email to the shop. I have also sent an email to your support about refunding my software purchase.

Yes you guys have helped. I’m not denying this. Maybe I’m just a total fool, either way, it doesn’t work

Hi futureoutfit,

Coming from an outsider’s perspective (no affiliation with Bome), you should keep in mind that the people behind the awesome array of Bome product are human beings that deserve your respect. You should really take a step back and consider the way you conduct yourself.

Steven and Florian have been nothing but extremely patient and helpful here, providing an unreal level of patience and highly detailed support, yet you seem to disregard every shred of decency and continually act like like an entitled child.

Just a friendly bit of advice from a stranger - (1) read documentation BEFORE you purchase, (2) treat everyone with RESPECT, especially those going to great lengths to help you, and (3) be a productive part of problem solving by answering questions and keeping a positive, problem-solving mind set.

I hope you figure out a solution to your problems; both with this project and your attitude.

Cheers and be well.

Thanks for your support @thisistawm!

Unfortunately there are some times that no matter how hard you try, the stars just don’t align right. We understand that not everybody can always be satisfied no matter how hard we try.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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