no web config access

hi there
i have no access to my bomebox web config. page
i run on win 8.1 ethernet connected to a win 10 laptop which is possible (only connection that drops constantely), both laptops have fixed ip's.
re-installed all software twice, installed all latest versions and firmware, still the ethernet is showing a connected second laptop but accessing the web config isn't possible at all.
it doesn't even show up in the menu in the tray icon, please help

Hi, are you also connecting BomeBox via ethernet in addition to your 2 PC's?   

If so, the BomeBox by default is a DHCP client so if your network router (if you have one) is not assigning IP addresses, you will likely need to configure BomeBox also with a fixed IP address (different than your 2 PC's but with the same network number).

If you don't have a router, configure your BomeBox ethernet as a master and make it a fixed IP address (different than your computers) with the same network number as your computers. Then anything connecting to BomeBox via ethernet should work. Your BomeBox IP address will then be the "gateway" address for any attached computers.


When you updated the firmware, how did you connect? Use the same method to re-configure it as described above.

An example of a configuration that should work if you don't have a router.

BomeBox Ethernet (Ethernet Master)

Windows 8 PC 192.168.0 2

Windows 10 PC

192.168.0 is the network address and should be the same for everything on your network. The final 1-3 is the device portion of the IP and should be different for every device connected.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist






Hi steve,
Thanks for the swift reply
Well i’ve connected the 2 laptops over bomebox utp connections.
Both are on dhcp now and see each other.
When connected to the wifi of bomebox i’ve noticed that the connection is limited.
Though i can access the web config to check the connection status of bomebox. But no webpage or notification to access it worked before the upgrade quite well.
As all connected, nevertheless i start to use this bomebox for the first time so I’m not so familiar with the settings.

If you want to put wifi on the same network and you have ethernet connection, you after setting up ethernet as master, you need to set up WiFi as Access Point instead of hotspot. This will cause the ethernet and Wifi networks to bridge together and provide DHCP via WiFi. It is important to only connect your PC's via WiFI or ethernet but not both or they will be assigned to different IP addresses (one through ethernet and one through WiFi) which will confuse the BomeBox.


Once connected you should be able to see the BomeBox with both PC's. You can route MIDI messages between the BomeBox and each PC but if you want MIDI routing between PC's directly you will need to upgrade to Bome Network Pro.

BomeBox Instructions can be found at the link below. This information should all be in there.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

This is what i want to reach;
Resolume arena 6 (laptop1) connects with apc20 and ez creator fade (2 controllers), ableton live 9.7 (laptop 2) connects with akai mini controller. Both separated cables on bomebox.
Ableton live 9 the should control resolume arena 6 virtually.

Are you going to want direct network connections between laptops? If so, you will need Bome Network Pro. If you are connecting your controllers from BomeBox to each laptop, then you can go with Bome Network Standard (free).

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist