Note on is by press one time in a endless loop



I have convert 4 Midi notes into:

CC32 in CC94

CC33 in CC95

CC34 in CC96

CC35 in CC97

Now, if I press one of the converted midi notes, they are going on an endless loop to the last pressed button.

Example: pressing note CC33 it converts to CC95 and go directly in endlessmode down.

With the delay I can`t handle it. With Note on/off I can`t handle it.

With a shift switcher preset isn`t to handle.

I`ve tried some things but nothing seems to work.

Now I didn`t know anymore, how I could handle this thing.


I have took APC40 template on my DAW as a template for the APC40 MK II, to build new template with help of the old script.

Everything seems to work, only the scrolls didn`t wanna run correct.


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Perhaps you need to look at the whether it is note-on or note-off.

On momentary buttons for the arrows for this controller press is 90 xx 7F and release is 80 xx 7F.

So you probably need to put in translators to handle the note-off as well? It is possible your DAW will look for 80 xx 00 instead of 80 xx 7F. Technically 80 xx 7F is note-off at maximum velocity which only APC seems to use. Most manufactures always send value of 0 with note-off.


These are Note messages and not CC (controller) messages for these buttons. If you need to convert from note to CC then you can do this as well. I’m just not sure what conversion you want to have.

Steve Caldwell
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