Note Repeat Stutter

Hi, one last question about note repeats, if you don’t mind.
I have note repeat on/off buttons going activating/killing note on/off timers. It doesn’t seem to keep the note going; it’s just a blip. It’s strange because I have the initial delay set for the note off, so it should be working fine. The note on/off should be continually frog jumping itself to make a constant repeating note. The initial delay sets the stagger for the note off when the note length is done.

I made an example sound .wav file, but I can’t seem to upload it here.
Here’s the preset. “Deck B” is just my glissando fader that works good. It isn’t involved in this problem.
Deck A: I have the one button press to activate both timers. And two other buttons to increase or decrease the timer repeat speed. And the fader changes the pitch. It works ok, except I have to kill the timers to change their speed, and also it just outputs a blip of sound.


I’d have to take a look at your file, however you shouldn’t have to kill a repeating timer to change speed. You should just restart it with the new interval.

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Oh wow, I prepared a project for it then forgot to upload it.
Note Repeat Example.bmtp (5.9 KB)
I just put -5ms on the note off delay to see if the note off will always trigger 5ms before the new note on. It does, but now I have an off blip with continual notes, instead of on then off then on.

At first glance, I see a potential problem.

You are using two independent timers for note on and note off so there are bound to be glitches when they get out of sync.

I think you should have single repeating timer “Note-Repeat” that handles the note-on events and then based on the note off delay, a one shot timer triggered on every iteration of “Note-Repeat” to handle the note-off timing. The note number for note repeat should only allowed to be changed after a note-off and before the next note-on so that you don’t get stuck with hung notes. You can queue it up in a different variable but only enable the new note after note off.

Having only one repeating timer should solve the stutter issues you are facing since everything will trigger based on a single reference timer.

This level of complexity is beyond what is offered for free support, however.

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Ok awesome. Used one timer that is repeating. Triggers the note on directly. And triggers a timer to trigger note off. The note off timer initial delay is the note length variable -5ms. So the note off trigger is always staggered slightly before the next note one. Is working now. Kind of glitchy once in a while, but I’m getting full notes. Thanks.

Yes, I was thinking for note on repeat you use a variable and then for note off use a percentage of the note on value and keep it under 100 % . You set the note value only when a note is off so you don’t get stuck notes. Use a variable to determine whether the note is currently on or off.


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