NRPN filtering

I've been trying to work out how to use BOME to allow only NRPN data to flow through one particular path, and through another path to send everything except NRPN data.

This is the NRPN data that comes in as one example (stop pulled out 1st, and then pushed back in, last four lines):

B1 63 11

B1 62 24

B1 06 7F

B1 26 7F

B1 63 11

B1 62 24

B1 06 00

B1 26 00

Is there a way to set up a rule to block anything going out that isn't linked to the four lines of data?


Give the attached a try.

I set up 3 aliases as follows

My Controller - Set this to your input device

Destination 1 - Set this to the device you want to send NRPN message

Destination 2 - Set this to the device you want everything else

I have a MIDI thru path to Destination 2

I use 1 translator to send NRPN to Destination 1

I use another translator to suppress NRPN messages to Destination 2 (output of none so that swallow will work)

I use raw MIDI in the format you showed in this post to determine the NRPN message input

I use the local variables qq, rr, ss and tt for the NRPN values. No global variables are needed.

Any CC\'s with CC 0x63, 0x62, 0x06 and 0x26 are considered part of NRPN messages and only go to Destination 1 (if in the exact format that you showed)


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Dear Steve,

Sorry I’ve taken so long to respond.
It sort-of works.
Because different stops use different numbers, I replaced the CC 0x63, 0x62, 0x06 and 0x26 with n1, n2, n3 & n4.
What it did leave were some sys-ex entries on the notes track and some cc values on the NRPN track.

As it happens experimenting with Midi-OX I was able to filter out everything except NRPN data for the NRPN track and that works really well.

I don’t think midi-ox is smart enough to filter out the NRPN data stream so that’s where BOME kicks in.

As I mentioned using your coding (with the n modification) there are sys-ex entries left with the note values. It’s not that big a deal if I’m using Cakewalk as my DAW as I can delete these entries manually. If I use Studio One, I can’t delete them as there is no event editor.

NRPN's only use 63 (99) 62 (98) 06 and 26 (38) so you don't want to changes those values in the incoming stream as other CC's will be redirected as well.

I'm not sure why you should be seeing notes coming through the NRPN route. All SysEx messages will pass through (which are different than NRPN) so you would need to look specifically at the SysEx patterns you want to block and put in translators for those. I could only help you if looking at the log and seeing a screenshot of what is slipping through.


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