one last attempt with Bome Box, but having license issues

Hello. I am trying to use one of my 2 purchased Bome Boxes on 2 different laptops. I am having an issue where it states that I need a Bome Network Pro license. But I thought the Bome Box comes with that license. It is telling me that "for Non-BomeBox devices" i need a license. However I cannot even connect with the laptop that is connected to the Bome Box. I have Computer A connected via USB In Port and Computer B connected to the Ethernet Out Port. Should I be connected to the Ethernet In Port instead? I was initially able to connect to the Bome Box settings with my current setup from Computer B but then I changed the default password and I also changed the IP address to a static one to make it easier to connect my other computer.


any help is appreciated. thanks.

hi again. turns out i finally got the Bome Box to work. i had to play around with my cell phone for a while to make the connection. initially i couldnt even log in to the webpage of the Bome Box but after nunerous attempts i succeeded and furthermore succeeded to connect my laptops.


and what is even better news is that the connections i made with the Rane Twelve via BomeBox and via a USB MIDI cable connected to the Bome Box DIN ports and to the laptop USB Hub in port allowed me to scratch in Serato.  alas, the scratch is total noise and doesnt follow the logic of a spinning platter and hand motion. it is pure gibberish so to speak.  i used some code which i found on DJ Tech Tools at my own risk for mapoing the jog wheel of any midi device. but the website is taking into account non motorized platters.  the Rane Twelves behave differently so now my job is to try to decode what is under the hood of Serato jog wheel maps which are not public information.  wish me luck. and thanks for your help.

i still have to use 2 separate laptops in order to get Serato to read on one and Houdini to read on the other. if using only one laptop i typically run into the error that one of the two softwares cannot open the MIDI Port.

HI, I'm glad you got working on Bome Network.  Yes Bome Network that comes with BomeBox is for only between BomeBox to Computer, Computer to BomeBox, or BomeBox to BomeBox. For Computer to Computer, you need Bome Network Pro

It looks like you are making some success with your Rane turntables too. This is good so hopefully Serato can help you with the final requirements for mapping them. Then you can use your paid version of MT Pro to create, upload and run you project file(s) on the BomeBox(es).


I guess the Rane interface must be MIDI only and Serato is OK with that?

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when you say Serato could help me, yes it would actually be great if i had personal insight to their top secret mapping code they use to get the Rane Twelve turntables to work with their software at such a low latency. Currently there is just too much lag. I found that website as I mentioned and tried inspecting the application file with a Hex Editor and discovered one code blurb which got me closer than I had been before with a realistic playback and scratch. But as I stated there is just too much lag which has nothing to do with MIDI. Houdini can read the MIDI and it is fast. There is something else going on with processing the audio that takes too long unless I had the insight of Serato software engineers.


You mentioned a MIO device and I ordered one just to compare and contrast with the Bome Box. I will let you know my findings once I receive it and test it out. But your tutorial on YouTube which showed the WiFi setup process for Bome Box is what saved me with setting up with my smartphone.


There are alternatives to using Houdini. One is to use Houdini's cousin, Touch Designer, and obtain a Screen Capture (Screen Grab) within Touch of the Serato interface and analyze the incoming screen the same way I had been analyzing the Camtasia Screen Recording Frames in Houdini previously in post.


Looks like I will hold on to the Bome Boxes after all because it seems that I can no longer order them from Amazon as I had been in the past, and I do not want to pass up the opportunity to own hardware that could become indispensable in the future. I think of it as an investment even though truthfully it is hard on my wallet to own 2 devices.


In any case I thank you again for your diligence in responding to all of us users here on this Q and A section of the Bome site. What would we do without you and the hardware and software of Bome?

Thanks for the kind words! Keep me apprised if you ever crack the code with Serato DJ.