Only send output every other trigger

Hi, I'm trying to trigger shortcuts with my MIDI controller. There's some knobs that have "ticks" and they trigger control changes every time the knob lands on a "tick" but also everytime it moves at all. So the end result is the knob triggering twice, once when it leaves the earlier tick, and a second time when it lands on the next tick.

I'd like to only send ouputs when the knob lands on a tick, not when I slightly touch it or twice when I'm trying to make precise adjustments. I think you can do this with the rules section but there's not really any good documentation of that, atleast I couldn't find it.

TL;DR: Only send an output on the second input trigger


Try this. In this case I'm using a PC  change for output but you can modify it to a keyboard shortcut if you wish.

The rules look at the target velocity pp and when it reaches it, will send an output if the global variable gc=0.

We toggle the variable for each time it hits the target velocity so that it will only send evey other time it reaches the target.


// set trigger point


// Did we reach our target?

if qq!=pp then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action

// Toggle global variable


// Only send if 0

if gc==1 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action


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