Opening/Outputting a MIDI File synced to MIDI Clock

Before starting this rather in depth project, I’d like to get some input regarding feasibility. Based on. several input conditions I’d like to open a midi file which is in sync with the midi clock and output the midi notes to a given channel.

There will be a rather large number of conditions to analyze as well as a large number of files to select from based on the input conditions met. I fully understand the methods to do both but I’m not sure if syncing the contents of the midi file to the midi clock is possible.

The end goal is to achieve a realistic guitar strumming pattern which will work on any midi instrument/sample vs depending on a plugin such as Vir2 Electri6ity or AAS Strum GS-2 both of which I own and am quite pleased with but both have their pros and cons.

The only other means of doing this would be to hard code every note on/velocity which would be extremely time consuming.


Well actually Bome MIDI Translator Pro actually does not do any processing of MIDI files with the exception, that if MIDI information is sent to Bome MIDI Translator Pro, we can do translations from one MIDI message to another. It can convert, for instance from one velocity to another, or notes to CC message and things like that but it will not sync to the incoming messages. When the message comes in, it is translated (based on how you program it) and then sends out the translated message. What you are looking to do sounds like something perhaps a DAW or DAW plugin might handle.

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