Overriding Ableton shortcuts

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I have an issue regarding overriding Ableton shortcuts with Bome . Some time ago , on my Mac, I made some Bome translators for sending PCs to an external MIDI controller using keyboard - cmd+F1,F2 etc . It went good up until I switched to Windows 10. I wanted to keep the same project and translators in order to go easier between Mac and W10. So, in these translators cmd automatically got remapped to the Windows key - and I managed to shut down thw W10 Windows key shortcuts. Thing is , Ableton also use F keys to mute tracks , so any time I use this combination on W10 , it also triggers the F’s as it would be a single key, and , though it sends the MIDI message , it also mute my track. When I used this on a Mac ( cmd+F1,F2 etc) I haven’t experienced this , Bome being able to override the Ableton shortcut. Is there any remedy for W10 ?



Hi Cristi. As you discovered, Windows and Mac are quite different in their use of keyboard shortcuts. I suggest you put all of your Windows shortcuts under one preset and your Mac shortcuts under another and then depending on whether you are running your project on a Mac or Window, disable the preset for the computer type it is not running leaving only the preset enabled for the one that you are running.

In Ableton, on Mac usually CMD is equivalent to CNTRL on Windows. Not sure why CMD gets mapped to your WINDOWS Key.

I hope this helps!


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist