(PC) windows 10 keystrokes no longer work

I have been using bio midi translator pro trial for a number of years, and I have never had any problems with it. Recently I finally gave in and bought the full version because of the 20 minutes timeout limit. It program worked great that day. however, after I shut down my computer for the night and then restarted this morning, none of the keystroke outputs were working anymore. The midi in indicator lights up but the out indicators (that is shaped like a five-pronged plug) no longer lights up and keystrokes are no longer emulated. Please let me know if there's a simple solution I am missing. I've been trying to fix this all afternoon.

I think this is a duplicate but will answer it again here.


Outgoing Keystrokes will not happen unless MT Pro is (not) in focus. The should work fine with your application if it is in focus (assuming you have the right MIDI in port selected).    If this doesn't work, I'd need to look at your project file.   There is an option in settings to allow keystrokes when focused however normally this option is not selected as it can mess you up when you are within MIDI Translator Pro and testing incoming MIDI controls. It would actually send the keystrokes to MT Pro.   Steve Caldwell
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