Port not opening

Hi All

I have spent a fair bit of time programming MTPro. Everything was up an running fine. I was using both an axiom and axiom pro during programming. I have just sold the axiom and plugged in the axiom pro. As far as I know, I have the latest working version of my program but the port says pending and I force an open but says port unplugged. etc.

There are no other programs running

MTPro worked fine a couple of weeks ago

When I run midiox to monitor, the device opens fine and reports note on/off as expected


Is there something basic I am missing here?

UPDATE: Axiom gen 1 works fine. Axiom pro works fine into Ableton. Go figure??? Just MTPro is the one that is not working


I’m sorry to see you are having trouble. I’ll do what I can to help. It appears that you already know that no other applications can have your Axiom MIDI port open at the same time as Bome MIDI Translator, so I think you covered yourself there unless there is some background application trying to control all MIDI devices. For me, I ran into this problem when installing CopperLAN. So just to be sure, run task manager and look to see if there are any suspect applications that might be running in the background that might be causing this. This is probably not the issue though since as you say, you can open the port in both MIDIOX and in Ableton Live.

Another issue I’ve seen before is when using device specific vendor MIDI drivers instead of the Microsoft Windows drivers. For instance, I ran into this when installing Korg MIDI drivers which only supports 10 MIDI ports. It would work sometimes (if my target port was assigned a port number 10 or less). I’m not sure if the M-Audio driver has this problem, however, so if you have it installed, try un-installing it and see if that helps. How many MIDI ports (including virtual MIDI ports) are on your system? If MT pro is consuming 9, then you might also reduce that to 2 (for troubleshooting purposes) to see if that that helps.

Finally, once in a while, I’ve had users reporting “hung ports” who have reported success by simply de-installing and re-installing MT Pro. (I assume you are using the latest version, but if not you should be able to download it from the Bome Web Site. Just log in and go to My Account and then products which is in the pull-down menu on the upper right of the home page and then you should see a download link.

Let me know if any of this helps and if not, get back to me with your results of the suggestions I provided.

Also, provide the details on the version of Windows you are running (and whether 32 or 64 bit) and also the version of MT Pro, so that if needed, we can dig deeper.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

P.S. – Think also of any new applications you may have installed in the last two weeks (before it stopped working)


Hi Steve

Thanks for your reply; ok I went through and stripped everything out, the only virtual port now is Bome and it has just the axiom pro connected. I have uninstalled all other midi bits although they were alway fine ie teLoopback etc. Task manager shows absolutely no extra midi stuff booted.

I can play the keys in Live and play a plugin when I open the axiom pro port

I can see the note on info in midiox

The connection in MTP simply says pending of course because it cannot open it (Live and midiox are of course closed at this point).

Uninstalled MTP and reinstalled. Still no go.


UPDATE: Issue is confined to w8.1. No issue in w10

You say that in Windows 8.1 it does not work but works on Windows 10 and you are using the standard Windows 8.1 MID drivers? This is very strange. What version of MT Pro are you running on the Windows 8.1 (non-working) machine? It might help if you go into device manager on Windows 8.1 and delete all MIDI USB devices after unplugging all of them and then letting Windows 8.1 discover them again. Also I assume when you installed MT Pro you didn’t run the installation program as Admin.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Florian suggested that it is possible that you have an unassigned alias in your project file. Could you post a screenshot of all input MIDI ports in your project?

Hi Steve
There is only 1 local account on machine IE admin

Both machines had MTP latest installed; This was the solution that worked last night (before I saw these replies);

  • Unplug all midi devices
  • In device manager, remove any ghost device references; leave dialog open
  • Open MTP and delete all aliases, then close
  • Plug in hardware 1 at a time and check that device manager references them all properly without alerts
  • Open MTP and confirm devices are now available

No idea why MTP was the only prog having the issue…just hope it doesn’t happen again

OK, let me speculate on the sequence of events that may have happend.

  1. Create project and open MIDI ports, one which had a name something like “Axiom”
  2. Project works great.
  3. You load your project other computer but the Axiom is not yet connect.
  4. Computer not seeing it, because your controller is not yet attached and assigns the port name as an alias and prompts you to assign it to a real port. Since it is not attached an you know you will be connecting Axiom gen two, you click through with “Don’t ask again” since you know you will not be using the old Axiom again. At this point your project thinks everything should come from the Alias “Axiom” but since it is not yet assigned to a real device, the port shows as pending.
  5. You hook up your Axiom two and then notice the “Axiom” is pending. Thinking that this is your new controller, you wonder why it is still pending. It is currently pending because the “Axiom” alias is not assigned to anything.
  6. To fix this you could either assign the alias “Axiom” to your actual “Axiom 2” controller or remove the alias and reassign all project defaults to use the “Axiom 2” controller.

In general, I tend not not ever use real ports, yet always create a generic alias such a “My Controller” and assign it to the controller that I’m using at the time. That way if my controller is not hooked up, it is more apparent to me to understand the “My Controller” is really an alias and needs to be assigned.

Also, then I don’t have to go through my project file and take any hard coded controller definitions and change them one at a time to the newly attached controller. I just re-assign the alias and then move on. Lesson is (for me too) that if you cannot open an input or output port, make sure first that the controller definition is not an alias and if it is assign the alias to your newly connected controller as appropriate. If you miss the prompt, just look at your project default input and output ports and you should be able to see which are aliases.

Any unassigned aliases will look something like the attached. It the project here, I don’t have my APC40 attached.

I can’t confirm that was the problem however it is my speculation on what might have happened here.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

PS. Sometimes it may show pending if it is assigned but assigned to a port that is not available



Ok, I always use aliases as ‘vectoring’ ie using a variable address rather than a hardware address is always preferable.
The issue happened on the original coding computer.
The issue was definitely a corruption of MTP with the axiom.
Once the axiom pro was reset…when I plugged in, they ports were immediately visible in MTP so I can only assume its something to do in the overlay when MTP is interrogating the USB devices. Once they reset all was good.
Moving to the other machine was only a test at this stage and it worked immediately as it should.
Advice to anyone else with this issue…reset the usb devices.
Thanks for the help guys 🙂

Yes, if I remember, I used to get hung USB ports on older versions of Windows. Also when using 3rd party MIDI USB drivers. I’m glad you have it working now!