Possible to program physical key + mouse wheel movement to same ongoing control?

I have been using Bome Midi Translator Pro to control Capture One via keyboard shortcuts. In the new version of Capture One (21) there is a great feature called quick edit which allows adjustments by using the mouse wheel while holding down keys on the keyboard. Is it possible to program a physical key + mouse wheel movement in the software? It seems that I can only choose the mouse or a physical key combination, not both…

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Yes, please find the attached.

I have 4 translators:

  • The first on triggers on an incoming note and the outgoing is a 1 shot time. I use the timer so that if I want to change the incoming note, I only have to do it in one translator.
  • The second translator sends a key down for Shift
  • The third translator scrolls the mouse up 20 after a 20 ms delay
  • The last translator releases the shift key after 40 ms delay.

Hold-Key-Mouse-Wheel Combo-2021-03-02.bmtp (1.2 KB)

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